Bentham Food & Beer Festival

18th – 24th August 2014


Local Brews and Cheeses

Pub, café and take-away food bursting with local flavour

Local food quiz

Vegetable garden tour

Ploughman’s Lunch workshop


Cheese Tasting

Local Produce, Plant and Bee stalls

Visit the Bentham Local Food website for details

Mike Berners-Lee launches new book in Lancaster

image_1365771206The Burning Question is this: how much oil, gas and coal can we safely burn without burning up the planet? Environmental scientist Mike Berners-Lee of Lancaster University has collaborated with Guardian journalist Duncan Clark to cut through the mountains of computer modelling, guesswork, jargon and misinformation, and provide a realistic answer. Which is? Well you’ll have to read the book, but in round terms, it’s not much, compared with the proven reserves.

That’s the easy bit; the answer raises much more difficult questions. Do we have the willpower to leave all that carbon cash buried in the ground for the sake of future generations? If we have, can developed and developing societies withstand the shock of going low-carbon? Could we have growth in a low-carbon world? Is growth a necessary ingredient of human progress anyway?  Is what’s good for us no longer good for our species? The Burning Question takes a dispassionate and ultimately optimistic look at all these issues.

‘Fascinating, important and highly recommended’.  Al Gore.

Click here for more info

Another successful Give and Take event!

March in Bentham wouldn’t be complete without the BEST Give and Take Day. By 10 o’clock last Saturday the Town Hall upstairs was crammed with things no longer wanted but too good to send to landfill, and there was a queue of people outside waiting to see what they could take home. The doors opened, and after 90 minutes of what looked like chaos, the process was almost complete, and it just remained for us to dispose of the relatively small amount of stuff left at the end. Thank you to everyone who Gave and Took, and to those who donated cash to help us cover the costs of the room and hard-working electrician Iain. As one visitor said: “So many smiley faces, either because they were getting rid of something they didn’t want, or because they’d found something they did. Great.”

Minutes of meeting 06/02/13



Background Picture Competition

BEST members and Bentham residents please send us photos of nice views of Bentham that we can use as a background for this site.  Whichever one we like best will be used for the site.  Either include the picture in a post on here, or send it to Collette Austin by email.