Green Café December – The Burning Question

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You can also preview on-line the first part of The Burning Question book, by clicking here.

Burning Question

Sustainable Staveley

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Don’t forget to look at our meetings & events page for details of our next Green Cafe.  This will be about a local currency “The Realm Exchange”

If you have a local business we are particularly keen to welcome you so you can find out what it’s all about.  Plus there is CAKE!!!

Local Shopping

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I live only part time in Low Bentham but was very 
pleased to see the arrival/expansion/conversion of
 the shop called Antiques into &tiques, selling food.
 On checking it out I found that they are selling 
organic fruit and veg at very competitive prices 
compared to supermarkets, will take orders for 
newspapers and also sell nice bread. I compared the 
price of their smoked salmon with Sainsbury in 
Lancaster. &ntiques price of £2.95 for a pack of 
Atlantic Smoked Salmon compared with (best price) 
2 for £8 at Sainsbury for factory farmed smoked salmon
 (similar weight per pack I think). Of course they 
don't do the range that any supermarket can do, but I
 look in at the shop first even if I am intending to 
go into Lancaster, for instance, and note what I can buy
 here on my return. But are people using this shop? Not 
many, it seems. Isn't it more environmentally 
sustainable to buy locally where possible and only go to
 a distant supermarket for things not available locally 
for a reasonable price? Is there any way that we can 
persuade local people to give it a try?

How can we all wake up to global sustainability issues?

Following the ‘The Burning Question’ launch and the Global Futures Workshop in March, Lancaster University Environment Centre invites you to the next in a series of events exploring “burning questions for global society”.

All are welcome to this event on Friday 27th September, 4-6 p.m. in the Environment Centre. It will focus on the psychological barriers to, and opportunities for behaviour change and political change.

There will be short presentations from:

  • Tom Ormerod, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Lancaster University,
  • Chris Hart reflecting on his experience as a hardened local activist
  • Mike Berners-Lee, co-author of The Burning Question.

Followed by 30mins Q&A + refreshments and chat.

Click here for more information.

Mike Berners-Lee launches new book in Lancaster

image_1365771206The Burning Question is this: how much oil, gas and coal can we safely burn without burning up the planet? Environmental scientist Mike Berners-Lee of Lancaster University has collaborated with Guardian journalist Duncan Clark to cut through the mountains of computer modelling, guesswork, jargon and misinformation, and provide a realistic answer. Which is? Well you’ll have to read the book, but in round terms, it’s not much, compared with the proven reserves.

That’s the easy bit; the answer raises much more difficult questions. Do we have the willpower to leave all that carbon cash buried in the ground for the sake of future generations? If we have, can developed and developing societies withstand the shock of going low-carbon? Could we have growth in a low-carbon world? Is growth a necessary ingredient of human progress anyway?  Is what’s good for us no longer good for our species? The Burning Question takes a dispassionate and ultimately optimistic look at all these issues.

‘Fascinating, important and highly recommended’.  Al Gore.

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Another successful Give and Take event!

March in Bentham wouldn’t be complete without the BEST Give and Take Day. By 10 o’clock last Saturday the Town Hall upstairs was crammed with things no longer wanted but too good to send to landfill, and there was a queue of people outside waiting to see what they could take home. The doors opened, and after 90 minutes of what looked like chaos, the process was almost complete, and it just remained for us to dispose of the relatively small amount of stuff left at the end. Thank you to everyone who Gave and Took, and to those who donated cash to help us cover the costs of the room and hard-working electrician Iain. As one visitor said: “So many smiley faces, either because they were getting rid of something they didn’t want, or because they’d found something they did. Great.”